Family Jewels

A39E7ED9-9D49-497B-9A47-63E5889D13BBOne of the highlights of our trip to Manitoba is meeting Andrew’s uncle Hugh and his cousins Michele and Larry and Michele’s husband Ron. They have received me like long lost family. Plus they are smart and funny. I guess it’s genetic.

5A60983C-5B16-4BD4-8795-EE65ABD8060BI’ve been hearing about them since I first met Andrew. And I’ve become friends with Michele over Social Media. Lately we been conversing about her mom’s  collection of vintage jewelry. It’s been fun because I love research and Aunt Helena had a lot of interesting pieces (a strand of pearls was her signature look).

F305373F-8F24-437A-B0DC-0F95663FB162I’m sure it might seem odd to outsiders, but I love helping people out with identitying the eras and origins of vintage objects. There were a few items that are still a mystery but I took photos to help with my investigations when I get home.

Michele also gifted me with a cute shell themed parure and some sparkly costume rings. Fun fact, I had the top ring in the picture above once. Got it in a gum ball machine. Advertised as having a real diamond (chip).

5D4D3E9B-6415-44C6-91B8-12FBC49DC8E5Again, these are things that make me happy and I am lucky to have such good people in my life!