Target Practice

803FAE72-A48D-461D-83C7-BB86C2435F26I was in NYC last week. I was trying to pack light but I may have overstuffed my backpack and it the zipper sort of broke (it has broken before but this time I did not have the tools on hand to repair it$. This backpack itself was bought at the Vancouver airport when the strap of my overloaded tote bag snapped.

B5A969CE-FEAB-43A8-A7B8-55EA77FE6B89Long story short, I went to Target to look for a replacement and discovered that they were having a retrospective of some of their past designer collaborations.

C9CE5565-0919-48FF-AC91-A2FF467C10EDTarget suddenly became a very dangerous place for me. Not only did they have pieces that I had the first time round (a hot pink mesh, pussy bow  blouse by Rodarte), they also had garments that sold out in seconds during their first go round.

And this time round, many of the items were available in larger sizes! At first I filled my arms with Marimekko towels, Stephen Sprouse bathing suits and Phillip Lim sweatshirts. But then I remembered my vow to buy nothing new this month. So reluctantly I put everything back. Almost.

1E96349B-9B7F-4AC0-8714-05D2D624EFF8After-all, some of these pieces were created a decade ago and looked a little dated. And I already have so many towels.

But I did get two things: a Missoni cardigan (Missoni and cardigans never go out of fashion) and a Hunter backpack because that’s what I was looking for in the first place.

4DE10075-FB7B-41CC-B9E1-DECDFD4AF217Does it count as buying something new if it’s a reissue of something old?