I Have A Towel Problem

CF5612A1-0602-459F-97F4-B0C26C691F64.jpegIt’s been a bit of weird week. I’ve been in California since Monday for watch related business (the Breitling Summit — Brad Pitt was there).

A53A8FF1-BFD8-454C-8D1D-1F0416625019.jpegWe also went to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. They gave us a $50 credit for Slater’s OuterKnown clothing and accessories line. This collection strives to be as sustainable as possible and the reason we were there is because OuterKnown was launching their second collaboration with the watchmakers, the SuperOcean Heritage x OuterKnown.

0ED43478-B0ED-4BD4-88F7-6D77B55B9F75.jpegThere is much to admire about the beach casual vibe of the collection. I has my eye on a cool straw hat, but hats are always a pain to travel with. And there was a gorgeous beachy blanket shirt, but it cost considerably more than $50 (although to be fair, I don’t have a problem with paying more for well-made, ethically sourced goods, I made a vow to not buy anything this month but I figured it wouldn’t count if, technically, it was a gift, right).

So I got this big towel that looks kind of like the state flag of California but the bear is surfing. A good souvenir!

Towels are great. That’s why I have too many of them. I