Taking (Birken) Stock

84E574A7-9BA7-46B6-B7A4-F76200BEBCE4Mr. Andrew and I were running errands on the weekend. Whilst out on Bloor Street we stopped off at a pop up shop that was selling funky Birkenstocks for $60.

BD3ACA39-E697-470E-81C4-A36EED2C2149Not the greatest deal, but the sight of cork soles makes my knees week. And they were quirky Birks. Let’s be clear, I don’t need ANY SHOES OF ANY kind (I especially don’t need to be spending money on sandals when winter is around the corner). But my heart was torn between a pair of Madrids lined with electric blue shearling, and a pair of chunky Athens gladiator sandals.

98005BDA-8703-4020-8C98-093168AC0136Instead of walking away, I bought them both. I will wear them with socks until the snow falls.