Taking Stock (Yards)

C93CBB31-6A6C-41EB-9FFA-F6F57A73CF2FThings are changing so fast. A bunch of our favourite restaurants have closed. The Weston Flea is shutting down. And, as of last weekend, our local bus the Lambton is no more.

But when one door closes, another opens so I took the opportunity to take a ride one of the Lambie’s replacements, the Stockyards. And at the end of this route is an outpost of Plato’s Closet,  a second-hand ship specializing in clothes for teens and young adults. I’ve heard good things about this chain but have never been before because their stores are in the suburbs.

AD783636-1516-4929-808C-52A54F412138So I was very excited to discover a location so near my house. First of all, it’s pretty huge and packed with clothes. Lot’s of Aritzia-type fashions. Everything looked barely-worn. They buy and sell here so my guess is that a lot of folks who can’t stand the thought of being instagrammed in something twice bring in their cast offs for cash.

0C126147-D4C9-4588-B269-E8CA082476EETheir loss is my gain. I found this Missoni dress priced at $50. I would wager that new it would have cost around $1,000. It was in my size and it had a white ticket on it, indicating that it was 90 percent off. So with tax I paid about $6.