The Cost of Living

ECF5F6D3-0272-4215-89CC-F30AA657616AI love Canadian healthcare. And I’m grateful that right now Mr. Andrew has insurance that helps cover things that OHIP doesn’t, such as dentistry, glasses, prescriptions and podiatrists. Because I have lots of issues and they cost a lot of money.

Especially as I get older. Maintenance used to mean haircuts and manicures and now it means acupuncture and physiotherapy. But money is better spent now on prevention than later if I get too decrepit to take care of myself.

C3F3B01F-DD4B-4B93-BECE-7D608EFD1D7F(You May have guessed that I am currently hobbled after minor toe surgery, am working from bed and am distracting myself with thoughts of mortality).

So even if I’m not out-of-pocket for most healthcare, I also recognize that these privileges don’t come with a cost. My recent interactions with the healthcare system made me realize just how much garbage is generated in surgery. In a sterile environment everything is wrapped in plastic. Everything is disposable. And then they hand you a bag of prepackaged bandages and dressings to take home with you. I understand the why, but I also want to do something to offset the environmental impact.

Coverage or not, getting sick also takes a financial toll. As a freelancer, if I am too ill to work, I don’t get paid. And if you have something like a hobbled knee, sometimes you have to takes cabs just to get from appointment to appointment. And this pollution also affects the health of people around the world.

So I’m going to offset these insults to the environment and stay alive at the same time by doubling down on not buying new things, getting takeaway food, and just try to reduce the amount of waste I produce and to save money. Normally I make a vow not to buy new things and always fail, so I’m trying some new tactics, starting with my beverages. If I can cut out the Diet Coke (my great love, my addiction), I can reduce plastic consumption, cut down on my carbon footprint be reducing the cost of fuel used in processing and transporting my favourite liquid, probably add a few years to my life, and save a few bucks in a week.

And thanks to The Balvenie for the handy dandy water bottle.