2020: The Decade of Getting Things Done

FDCA422D-EAEA-47D8-B235-A7F4B45A68D2I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions but I definitely want to focus on focus in 2020. For example, while I love hunting for treasure at thrift shops and yard sales, it’s probably time to hone in on the the things I already have. I literally have bags of jewels that I have to fix up and photograph for the Gracious Good Etsy Shop. I need to accept that either these pieces are worth selling or else they are destined to return to the second hand stores from whence they came.

The fun part is rediscovering pieces that you forgot you had. For example, I found a hammered, matte gold neck ring that goes perfectly with an orphaned pendant that I had listed. I paired them up and violà — a très cool statement necklace is born!