Dollar Drama

A21D50E5-EA99-4BF1-A34E-88E47AEDF3FBI spotted a new, Japanese -style dollar store at College Park yesterday. I had some time in between appointments, so I had to investigate.

701F298C-8386-4CD1-ABCD-C513FB170797Turns out it was pretty unspectacular. Maybe cheap plastic gew gaws have lost their appeal to me. There were a few fun-looking earrings, and some cute toys (a colourful xylophone piano and a model train track that included a dinosaur diorama), but these are things I do not need. Does anybody, really? Okay, if I had space I might have got the train set.

D9F10EDD-8C1E-4297-9F6B-D8FDA21C1AE3But the biggest disappointment was the stationery section. This is normally the part I love the best because pens are useful. On the other hand, I have so many writing utensils that I’m actually stressed out about keeping all my fountain pens flowing.

1240311A-6F58-4E28-BC43-37AAD4C7AF07The saddest part (aside from the knock-off GShocks) is that when I got home to write up my report, I couldn’t even remember the stores’ name.

416EA35F-2FA8-42EE-9CA6-7121F746E847The end.