Sale Season

7202BF98-ADD2-4DDC-8B53-5CF1B43B216BNow is the time of deeply discounted fashion. I may have bought some new clothes. These may be those duds.

I honestly swear that I would like to not buy new clothes. I have too many things in my wardrobe. I am trying to reduce my harm to the planet by not buying new things. I’m aware that fast fashion exploits workers in countries that are not as well off as Canada. And I am trying not to spend money in general. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

At the same time, this is what I can afford at the moment. Things that are priced so low that you have to ask yourself how they can have been ethically manufactured and shipped in the first place. It all makes me wonder if the economy is even real in the first place?

In a nutshell, I ordered a supply of new underwear from Pennington’s because they are my favourites. I do this every couple of years and the last cycle were all about to expire. The closest Pennington’s closed, so I went shopping online. That them pictured at the top of the page (I’ll spare you images of the underwear). While I was there I spotted a pair of faux leather trousers. I had a similar pair of leggings but I think I gave them to my sister. And then I saw her wearing them and I missed how versatile they were. These are a little better than leggings because they won’t roll down (I hope).

According to my strict one in, two out policy, I will try and trade a pair of jeans that fit weird and a pair of leggings that are to thick and make me sweaty.

1296FB62-F269-47DA-A983-7A6F903E2BA0I also visited Joe Fresh, were I found a deeply discounted knit, midi skirt and two tunic tops — one black and one white (not pictured) they have an early 1920s feel, which seemed like an appropriate style for the new millennium. To make way for the skirt, I plan to BUNZ two Uniqlo skirts that are too small and a random assortment of tshirts.

E27C7915-F03F-4CA5-AE2A-484419468F5CAnd finally, I went to Uniqlo, in hopes of finding some Marimekko collaboration pieces in the sale section. And while they did have some items, there were none in my size. So I went next door to H&M and found this buffalo plaid skirt and tan sweater — both for under $10. Plus, I picked up the teddy coat pictured up top. This is like my fourth teddy coat in as many years. The previous ones got ratty really quickly. This one’s a little darker so hopefully it won’t get grimey.

To balance my closet karma, I have a couple of sweatshirts I can hopefully swap for. And I have two coats that I will donate to the clothing bank. I don’t have an extra skirt to part with after paring down the Uniqlo pair, so I have some too small vintage pieces that I will list in my Etsy shop.