Bats for Bats

9588EFAE-3C7C-4B9C-B39F-43A43CAFC4BCI like bats. They are cute but also the appeal to my inner goth. I have a small collection of bat-related paraphernalia but tonight I wanted to focus on my Ugly Doll toys.

478113B1-931B-4667-A78A-56B5BA96C4DDI’ve written about the Ugly Dolls before, but I’ve acquired more recently. I just want to state here that I am not obsessed with Ugly Dolls. I have not memorized their origin story. I did not see their movie (although to be fair, I don’t think anybody did). It’s just that my interest in bats intersects nicely with my interest in adult collectible toys. And there are a lot of bats in the Ugly Doll universe.
These are my first Ugly Dolls, Ice Bat and Ninja Batty vinyl Blox figurines that I got at the Dollarama on Sherbourne Street many years ago. Pro tip: Dollarama is where Funko figures go to die. If you are a collector of Nerdy stuff, I suggest that you check in on the regular.

i picked up a few more Ugly Doll tchotkes along the way, usually special “surprise” bags in an attempt to score a bat, but usually ending up with a rabbit or something.

EE494300-C620-4B49-B5C5-F149F8908D74More recently, I got two new additions to my nocturnal menagerie: a plush Lucky Bat keychain and a small Surprise Disguise Mini Figurine (both also from Dollarama. The mini fig is particularly adorable because the little guy is wearing a bat costume.

DE8B78FC-C033-4D3B-A907-82FE1B9FD23BAnd a a super extra bonus coda to this story, here are some snaps of all of the other random Ugly Doll gew gaws that I have.