News Eaglet

564F6D82-5A0E-4147-9876-3F0005FE5E1AI may be broke (especially when facing the unknown economic fallout of the current pandemic), but I also want to support the many cool creatives that I follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Like Walking Eagle News, a satirical account by former journalist Tim Fontaine. It’s a bit like if The Onion had an Indigenous point of view. It is very funny but also justifiably angry sometimes.

A71AA83E-FDC8-451B-9DA8-7A1EF04B976FIf I had a steady income, I would support the site through a monthly donation. But I’m financially irresponsible and instead bought a T-shirt. I’m Walking Advertising!

5CEC886C-7812-42DF-BEA4-A7B62CFBC948Also, I’d advise everyone to follow on Twitter and Instagram. You don’t have to be Inuk, First Nations or Métis to find Fontaine’s work to be hilarious. You just have to find it.

Also, this is like the softest T-shirt I own.