Throw Your Neck Out

4A064937-4450-41FA-96FE-98AB8627FD3D…and I got some necklaces last week too.

The first is a nameplate necklace that I purchased a month ago. I couldn’t sleep and I was scrolling Instagram when a sponsored post came up advertising personalized necklaces from an outfit called The Sparklane. I had to sell my treasured gold script nameplate necklace years ago when I was super broke. This version is gold plated sterling so not so much of an investment. And I dig it’s gothic script—feels more metal!

15A41F0D-D2E6-4649-A084-7030F3779FEAThe second is a big old acrylic link statement necklace in transparent frosted white. I spotted it in the window of a NYC boutique called Rainbow. There are a string of them across the city, selling Halloween costume quality club clothes. When I was in Newfoundland for the BalvenieStories story, one of our crew, Bethanne, had a series of similar chains which I greatly admired. So when I spotted this style, I had to have it. I wore it out to several of my New York Events and received so many compliments.

Although I have to learn a better response than, “You like it? Eight bucks.”