738099F9-9FEB-474A-A983-C216E813539EDay seven of self-isolation. I love all of my crazy collections but being at home with them 24-7 is starting to get overwhelming.

In the early days of this outbreak, I tried to support local self-employed folks by getting takeout, buying merch, and paying for gift certificates to businesses that would be facing cash flow crises because of lack of customers.

But now I’m getting anxious about how we are going to support ourselves financially in the future. Mr. Andrew and I are much more fortunate than many in that we have a roof over our heads, incoming work and some savings, but I’m having trouble getting paid for work that I’ve completed. And I realize that we have an obligation to those in more precarious situations.

So I’m looking at what I have that I don’t need and trying to figure out what I can sell to support ourselves should we end up in lockdown for months. I came across this stash of beaded turquoise necklaces. Rocks are the one thing I can get all Goopy about and one of the reasons I have so much turquoise is that it is a master healer.

It dispels negative energy and can create a sense of inner calm making it an excellent charm against depression and exhaustion and to prevent panic attacks.

It is also said to boost the immune system, and to have anti-inflammatory which is why I usually layer these necklaces on when my bones ache.

Each and everyone of these necklaces came to me broken. I either released or, in the case of the big nugget neckpiece, combined a bunch of broken necklaces into one. Tonight I am going to wear them all in the hopes they might bring me piece. For now they are spared getting listed in the Etsy shop.