Eyes On Me

48168B2A-2FA7-4617-995E-61F6943052F0We are big fans of Trixie and Katya. We even went to see them at the Danforth Music Hall last October. So we’ve been using our Stay Home time to watch everything T&K that’s on the Internet. Especially old episodes of their webseries “Unhhh.”

One one of the episodes, Katya was wearing a pair of gloves with eyeballs set into the palms à lá “Pan’s Labyrinth.” So I set my idle hands to do the Devil’s work and embroidered my own.

It helped that I’ve been using my lockdown time to organize my crafting stash and my tickle trunk. I found a spare pair of silver lamé gloves (which I bought in bulk last Halloween) and used darning wool for the crewel work eyes. I think they turned out pretty cool.