Bangle Lore

8DEE40BE-3DFF-4C00-8E60-14D3ED298ED7On one hand, I worry that soon the quarantine will end and I still won’t have completed all my unfinished projects. On the other hand, the pressure to be accomplished during this crisis feels exhausting.

971C88D8-AAAE-45AE-A003-2EE790958112There are things I need to do: find ways to make pay bills; find ways to economize; eat; sleep; stay connected to the outside world. And sometimes I don’t even feel like doing that.

82742074-D08E-462B-9FEA-053CB58C2594On the weekend, whilst doing laundry, Andrew found a small stash of jewellery in the linen basket. Amongst the finds was a carved  horn bangle. I went to the box where I keep such things and rediscovered a whole trove of bracelets.  So I amused myself with a little photo shoot of my favourites.

D41C0393-349C-47A1-B9B3-F59237870763I used to habitually wear armloads of bangles. But when I was performing they would fly off my wrists and into the audience. Now that we’re pretty much housebound, I am free to go full Iris Appel.


I didn’t even take pictures of me modelling all of the baubles from this box. And I have little treasure chests throughout the house. There’s one little tin filled with gems I’ve had since highschool. I think everybody should have a little hidden trove that they can revisit from time to time, even if it’s just some interesting rocks or a one of those little monkeys they used to put on the side of cocktail glasses to hold maraschino cherries.