Splurging For Summer

BA1A3D5F-728C-4F38-9883-46F12A97E969It was snowing when I woke up this morning. It is May 11. On one hand this weird weather is welcome because it makes me want to stay inside. On the other hand… it’s snowing in mid May.

D7E4C73E-40A9-442D-8FBD-2C5B97A04345I’m also a little glum about this current  climate because I ended up buying a bunch of clothes from the Uniqlo x Marimekko Spring/Summer collaboration and they arrived yesterday and I wish it was warm enough to wear them now (it is not — these light cotton pieces are definitely meant to be worn on hot, humid summer days.

9F92B8F0-E9EF-4AE6-B63C-DB54E551B6AFTo cheer myself up, I had a little photo shoot. So much colour! So very cheery. Please enjoy my glamour shots.