A5083753-F8DE-494D-B770-175F999ECF57On Monday I got another clothing delivery from Uniqlo. I actually ordered the on April 24 bit they were waylaid.

4CA76F69-6F5A-472F-AF17-11F56CB8E59AI ordered the tan jacket after seeing a photo of a woman wearing a loose blazer with a green dress and I immediately thought that this was the exact thing I needed to pair with my vintage Diane von Fürstenberg maxi dress. If it sort of sounds like getting  your cat a pet, you would not be wrong. I bought a jacket for my dress, not for me.

BDF15BC4-5D0D-478D-9C88-C8112586C417Once I was was already perusing the Uniqlo sale section, I thought I’d also order some spring like tops. I like Uniqlo shirts. Especially their pullover options. Their loosey works with my sloppy shoulders and bosom-iness.

Just waiting until it’s warm enough to wear all this loose and light garments. Also hoping that these additions will satisfy my shopping urges.