C02E8D6A-29E6-42CF-BAC3-A494BE1D5607I’ve had a recent spate of online shopping sprees. I’ve already shared my recent Uniqlo acquisitions. And I believe I am all set for summer wardrobe now.

I’m also trying to focus on frequenting local boutiques moving forward. But I was saddened to learn that Penningtons was filing for bankruptcy because it is my go to place for intimate apparel (specifically, sensible underwear and bras for ample ladies like myself).

With the announcement of the business going under, came a big online sale, so I went online to order as many undergarments as I could afford. It should set me up for at least the next four years. I will spare you photos of my granny bloomers.

2D41BAAB-33C0-4CE6-B999-088A14A0AFB0I will share an image of these Blue jeans that I tacked onto the order. I was in a jean-free state having recently purged a bunch because they were too stretchy and would become saggy and baggy after a few hours of wear. I have a complicated relationship with jeans, I feel I just don’t  look good in them. But I am pretty pleased with this pair so far.

Rest in Power Penningtons, my plus sized queen!