Playing With Dolls

A6C0B85C-6398-4CCA-B8B4-7640C11ABCE7There was at the top of the street on Monday. It was in an old storefront that I’ve always been curious about and while I don’t need anything, don’t really have money to  buy things, and I’m a little paranoid about going out during a pandemic, my curiosity overruled my good sense.

AA6F91F4-866C-45E1-84CB-26DD5935B868It was a big of a let down in that the space had been cleared and cleaned, so no peek into a preserved space. And the pickers got there before me so that even though there was some cool stuff, it was already spoken for.


did score a 1970s era Barbie Doll case stuffed with dolls, clothes and accessories. I mean to sell them but I did have a great afternoon of playing dress up with the dolls. The Cher and the Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels still had their original outfits and shoes. And there was the full set of accessories (windsurfer, ukelele and grass skirt) that came with Hawaii Superstar Barbie (not to be confused with Hawaiian Barbie).

They are all destined for my Earnestine Etsy shop, but I thought I’d share a sneak peek here.