Swing Set


I love hanging out in a hammock. Unfortunately my beloved, thrift shop find sling was beyond repair this summer. I replaced it twice, but was never happy with the new hammocks — they were too short, not wide enough and one was nylon, a fabric that does not breathe enough for my liking.

I have only myself to blame. I didn’t look at the dimensions carefully when I ordered/bought them. And I totally went for the cheapest versions available. And then there was the whole incident when the dollar store strap extenders gave way and sent me crashing to the ground.

So the other night, when I couldn’t sleep, a pop up ad for a 12 foot long, double Brazilian hammock showed up on one of my feeds, I decided to roll the dice one more time.

The new hammock arrived today and I am very pleased so far. I worked from hammock this afternoon and then had a little read and maybe a small nap, enveloped the fabric like a cocoon. I’ll likely donate the nylon kit. And I’m thinking of turning woven hammock I got at the Dollarama into a poncho.

The justification for buying a new hammock this late in the season is that fresh air is a balm against the coronavirus, no matter how cold it gets. And it was deeply discounted. I’ve also enjoyed out al fresco moments and hope to stretch them out until it snows.