In order to put some order into my endlessly disrupted days, I have taken to documenting my Quarantine days. I have been keeping a journal, recording the minutiae of my life. Things like the weather, activities and other quotidian things because I’m already forgetting how the world was not only in 2019, but also July 2020. There is just too many things happening!

I’ve also been keeping a visual diary. It’s partially a way to use my brain in a different way, but also a record of the things around me. Sometimes it’s the objects that surround me (like Ossignton Bear, pictured up top). Sometimes I’m just stopping to smell and draw the neighbourhood flowers while they are still in bloom (Fall is in the air).

Some sketches, like the red Fiorucci Love Boots shown above, try to capture the weird nostalgic memories that keep floating up from my subconscious. Others, like the white Birkenstocks beside them, and all the jewels pictured below, are more of an illustrated inventory of the things I have now.

My visual diary also allows some flights of fantasy. I drew a picture of me wearing a Universal Genève Tri Compax that I could never afford in real life but a girl can dream, can’t she?