Two Timing


Secondhand September is almost over, so I thought I’d finish my inventory of the month’s thrift shop finds. I have only been on a handful of shopping expeditions this month because, well, you know. I still managed to get some groovy accessories, starting with the Wax Print wristlet pictured above.


Here’s me modelling it with my new/old Vera Neumann Square wool scarf and Fenty x Puma suede creepers — my dream shoes that I’ve looking for for two years.


This fringe bauble necklace is pretty neat too, but I bought this to list in the Gracious Good Etsy shop.

Also up for grabs on Etsy are these two plastic bracelets. They look fantastic together or alone. I know the colours may seem springy, but they also look great with the earthier tones of an autumnal palette.


And here’s a pretty gilt silver floral spray signed Bond Boyd Sterling. I keep saying I’m gonna be a brooch lady one day, and with all the layering of jackets and cardigans, it seems like fall is the best time to do it.

That’s it for my second hand purchases this month (except for a fringed purse that I’m going to talk about that later). I got through the month without buying a lot (used or new), but still more than I needed. I made a lot of things (more on that coming as well). Does that mean that my consumerism has been contained (hell no). And later today, I’m taking a bag of clothes to the consignment shop to give them a second life.