Fringe Friends


I love all things fringed. So much so that I have decided to make it a signature thing for my wardrobe. For the most part, this does not require any new acquisitions as I have plenty of the stuff in my wardrobe already. For example, my vintage suede Chevignon jacket and these second hand moccasins.

13E06611-4B42-41A0-B2A7-B30F46D0D5C5I’ve also invested heavily in fringed handbags because I like the way that they work with the more minimalist outfits in my wardrobe. Tan pieces make things look more boho, black lends a bit of biker chic. Note, the below images are Pieces I thrifted but originated from H&M. These pictures are from their website.

I like the idea of having signature accessories because I think that it will help prevent me from flirting with random styles and therefore prevent me from buying unnecessary items. Hopefully having statement pieces will also make my closet more sustainable because these statement pieces will elevate the staple items into a statement look.

So although I already have some cool fringed goodies, there are a few assets I still feel that I need. Namely, I want a fringed leather skirt and a fringed face mask. I couldn’t seem to be able to easily find either of these items, so I visited a nearby shop called Fabric Fabric in hopes of finding the notions I needed to make these things myself.

I can’t believe I’ve never visited this place before. I’ve passed it a million times. It’s super chaotic inside—just row upon row of shelves stacked to the ceiling with material. I got a bunch of leather scraps for making the skirt, but alas, the lacked the black fringe I wanted for the mask. The image above is from a local maker Stacey McCool and her shop Really Man. I gave up my DIY dream and just ordered one from her. Will keep you posted about the skirt experiment.