Sweater Weather


I have been working on transitioning between my spring/summer and fall/winter wardrobes. This annual ritual includes the cleaning and repair of the warm weather clothing before it is put away a reckoning of the cold weather garb before it goes back into circulation.


Because I did a big purge before I put the winter gear back into storage, the reckoning this year was pretty simple. There is one Max Mara skirt that I adore but it has never really fit me. It’s got to go. And there is a tweedy LL Bean blazer and a hoodie that I bought when I went out underdressed that are both way to big. I do wear them from time to time, but they are not flattering and I have plenty of warm jackets and sweatshirts that look good and keep me warm. They have got to go.


There are many reasons to rationalize one’s closets. For me, the biggest issue is storage space. Right now I have room for everything, but I do worry that a tightly packed closet will invite moths which will eat my woollens, deflating the point of having nice things.


And I have a lot of nice things. Especially sweaters. I love a cozy knit. And I recently thrifted a few more — a colourful cheetah print sweater dress by Toronto designer Haley Eleasser and a 1980s era cardigan by Woolrich. According to my one in, two out policy, I need to get rid of four things. I have decided to unravel my bed jacket project and there’s a polyester party dress that probably wouldn’t get any action until 2022 (plus I have several other gowns that I didn’t even bother to bring out of storage). I need to cut two more things. But the effort that it takes to make decisions is too hard.

I wish that everything wasn’t an existential crisis.