All I Want

I am up late, unable to sleep because of all the anxiety-inducing things going on in the world. I am trying to stay away from social media and news sites, but still can’t stay off the Internets. Because Internet algorithms keep suggesting clothes that I should buy.

And I am trying really hard not to buy things. I have spent a good chunk of this week cleaning and prepping my summer clothes for winter storage. And I’ve brought out my winter clothes. While I have done a significant purging, I still do not need any new garments.


Still a voice in the back of my head keeps telling me that with a few more simple purchases, I could make the things in my wardrobe work harder. With the right skirt, pair of pants, or jumpsuit, I could downsize even more.

Which brings me to right now, with mr up at 3am, scrolling through fast fashion websites, putting the clothes pictured here into shopping carts but not pulling the trigger just yet. Please enjoy my imaginary new wardrobe. The top quartet are from H&M.

The second row are from Reitmans and Joe Fresh.

The third row is from Coach (maybe the price might be reduced after Halloween

The fourth row is from Reebok and I have already placed an order. Here’s my justification: I’ve been thinking about proportions a lot, and since I’m Apple-shaped, I need more clothes that have more fullness at the hips or are a little looser around the bosoms to create the illusion of having a waist. Also wanted a maxi skirt for winter. And these pieces meet my new clothes criteria in that the skirt has pockets and they are both cotton (man-made materials make me sweaty.