The Venerable Bead


I have been following a lot of bead work artists on Instagram for a long time. I have done beadwork in my own art. It is a precise and painstaking practice arranging the patterns and weaving the teensy beads together. But it also very calming and meditative.

Still, I am an instant gratification person. Which is why admire the work of the young generation of craftspeople like Sky Paul of Running Fox Beads. She draws on traditions but also brings in fresh colours and designs. Because she makes everything by hand (while raising to your g children), she doesn’t make a lot of pieces. I’ve been too slow on the draw in the past when new collections came out, but I was able to score these lovely earrings during her last drop. Totally worth the wait!

It’s important to support local and independent designers by buying their wares, but it’s also important to appreciate the time and energy that goes into making these beauties. We have to be more conscious of the consciousness that goes into making things if we are ever going to break out of the fast-fashion cycle (and believe me, I am very guilty when it comes to buying clothes from conglomerates—I will probably never be 100 percent “good.”) but I do get more joy from buying from makers and shopping second hand.