On Convenience


I love visiting dusty old dollar stores and corner shops. During my poker outs, I have found a stash of Rafael Alfandary jewellery, a bushel basket full of vintage sew on patches from across Canada, new old stock mini Barbies from the 1970s, a Cèline top, and all other kinds of curiosities.

While I’m not getting out as much as I used to, here are some finds from the few mom and pop shops that I have recently explored.

Up top, I stopped into a store beside our vet’s office last week. It was the kind of place where the owner just watched TV while I browsed. I got old postcards, envelopes, this cool mask and a NOS leather watch strap for the Seiko I won on eBay.


And when I was in KW a month ago, I walked to a strip mall dollar store to stack up on crafting supplies. While I was there buying beads and findings, I also found this fluorescent yellow, terry cloth tennis visor. The top knot is my default hairstyle. And I’m sweaty all the time. An absorbent chapeau that leaves room for my bun is the greatest invention ever! I haven’t had much opportunity to wear it, but come next summer, I expect it will be my go to hat.


Another reason I like to check out shabby shops is that sometimes you discover unusual delicacies. As a child, there was a delicatessen that specialized in imported German candies that I have never found anywhere else — not even Germany. When I moved to Toronto, one local corner shop specialized in imported Mexican versions of familiar North American chocolate bars. Here are some imported treats that I recently picked up in local boutiques.