Street Style

B9F8F463-DCDE-42C8-83BA-9CCA4AE0BFC3I love the fact that in Toronto, the streets are paved with free stuff. Well the curbs and sidewalks anyway. I don’t bring much home with me anymore because the house is already full of sidewalk finds. And I’m especially reticent to pick up clothing items because, you know, COVID-19. But this weekend I came across a few items that I couldn’t resist. Here’s why.

Mr. Andrew actually found the valise pictures above. It’s a solidly built leather bag. After I clean it up, the aim is to sell it (I broke my glasses in a fall last week, so every bit helps).


I have been dreaming of a minimalist belt bag ever since I started following the @WantShowAsYoung Instagram account. It depicts the grandparents of a Taiwanese stylist all dressed up in clothes abandoned at their laundromat. The grandma is usually rocking a belt bag and I am very suggestible (but on a pandemic budget). Anyway, this morning I found this pouch (probably used by a server) in a box on the sidewalk. It perfectly fits an old leather belt of mine. I plan to use it to cinch up some shawls or use it to carry things when I’m wearing something without pockets (I still have a few such garments left over).


I had also been planning on trying out some invisible mending, I’ve done invisible patching on socks and moth-eaten coats, but again I have seen the pretty darning on the Instagram accounts of local makers @bookhou and @hoibo and I wanted to try it myself. The only problem is that I didn’t have any holes sweaters. Until I came across this merino wool pullover discarded in a box on the curb. And it’s a lovely pumpkin colour too. Here’s my finished fix.


And finally, what could be more fitting than a Corona beer t-shirt to comememorate the age of the ‘rona?