New Glasses

5B34CE70-3296-4F92-AFAC-A25B1DFE2FF1In October, I made a pact to myself that my next purchase would be new glasses. My old Warby Parkers had served me well, but the lenses were getting pretty scratched and the arms stretched out. I kept misplacing them because they were so pale and semi translucent. And on top of that, those chunky frames didn’t sit well with my hearing aids and  COVID-19 masks.

I hadn’t quite saved up for new frames, nor had I landed on a new style when I tripped on the sidewalk and broke my glasses. I spent a couple of weeks wearing older spectacles or the busted ones, but they all fell of my face most of the time. It made going out very difficult. But that’s okay, it was our goal to stay home as much as possible — even before the new lockdown that started on Monday went into effect. Not being able to see is great motivation for not going out.

Anyway, the new lenses arrived on Friday. They are also from Warby Parker. I went with black frames because they make an impact without the bulk. It is very exciting to be able to see again. I was super stoked to go on night ambles for fitness again, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating (on Saturday the temperature dropped. On Sunday we had a heavy snowfall). 


Just another sign that I should just stay home.