Wish List 2020

3E30BFCE-4B89-4453-AC16-DB2586A5844DI have everything I need. If anything, I could stand to do a more ruthless paring down of the things I already have. Life under lockdown (in Toronto we’ve gone back to store, restaurant and service closures) has drastically changed the way I interact with the objects around me. I want better but less. I want to support local shops and designers. But I still want new things.

Every year I make a wish list of things I would like to have in my life. They are not always accessible, either because of availability or expense. Sometimes it’s just not that practical of a purchase. Last year I got exactly one thing on my wish list (a wind up Snoopy from a McDonald’s Happy Meal Promotion). I was, however, able to acquire four of the things on my 2018 list, and they all delight me still.

Without adieu, here are the things I would like for you to buy me.

1. A Corey Moranis knot ring (pictured above).


2. This Kowtow sweater from Task New York (I’m considering selling off all my other sweaters to finance this).


3. One of these fun watches from Chicago-based start up Sō Labs.


4. This vintage Vantage Bill Blass stamp watch.

A4943A04-EBB2-4670-9EB9-D5513FEBE23C5. And finally, these items from the latest Uniqlo x Marimekko collaboration (even though fast fashion sort of contradicts my shop local goals). This drop goes live tomorrow so even though my budget is limited, FOMO may drive me to shop.