Photo Finds


I’m basically off the clock until January 2nd (writing-wise, I mean to put some extra work into the Etsy shops this weekend), so yesterday I spent some time organizing stuff. And I came across a bunch of old Polaroids from my beauty editor days.

Before digital photography took off, we’d take test images with instant cameras to check if the makeup was okay and to test the lighting and compostion. Photoshop was still pretty crude and retouching was expensive, so you really needed to make sure an image was right before you committed it to film.


I would bring the Polaroids back to the office with me to write copy (it could take up to a week for film to get processed). And I guess sometimes I kept some of the snaps. These are from a cover shoot for Images magazine. I believe the photographer is Floria Sigismondi, who is now a prominent music video and film director. I don’t remember who the model is.