Happy Birthday


My younger sister and I were born about 10 and a half months apart. Her birthday is next week and for the next month and a half I will delight in telling everybody that we are twins.

Because her birthday falls at the height of winter sales, we usually celebrate by going shopping (on a budget of about $30) to buy ourselves things and saying that what ever we got is our present. This year that’s obviously not happening. Not in person anyway, so I’m going to claim my recent online purchases as my gifts instead.

I’ve talked about my Boxing Day buys before, but here I am wearing them: Pictured above is a boiler suit from the Gap. below, a plaid fleece jacket from Mark’s Work Wearhouse, a navy blue sweater from Old Navy and a pair of velvet joggers also from the Gap. I am very pleased with all of these purchases.


I also forgot that I ordered a pair of glitter leggings and a plaid jacket from Reitmans. They arrived on Monday. The party pants fulfilled a nostalgia I had for a pair of tights I adored in grade 10 when I was a young punk. The jacket was meant to replace a blazer I bought at a Target in Miami a few years ago that went with everything but was unfortunately way too big. Alas this one is the right size but I did not read the description properly and it doesn’t button up. I mean it looks okay, but it’s not exactly what I had envisioned.


I am definitely over my $30 dollar limit now, but I still managed to spend $15 more dollars at Reitmans today. I felt I needed a turtleneck to wear with my Marimekko x Uniqlo Sleeveless shifts. At first ai bought a dicky which works well worn under a sweater, but doesn’t do much to keep my arms warm. A got a notice from Reitmans that their turtlenecks were now $9.99. While on the site, I saw that they also had green jeans win the clearance section. In grade 13, my favourite pair of pants were a pair of green jeans that I pegged myself. My sister says I am trying to reclaim my youth with all these nostalgia inspired wardrobe additions but I found high school hellish. But I loved those jeans.