Frugal Beauty


Is it just me or is quarantine life really hard on the skin? I mean on top of winter and dry air and everything? I drink about a million gallons of water a day, try to eat things like salmon and avocado that have healthy fats, and not having to shower everyday should protect me from the moisture stripping effects of hot water, right?

But still my nails are brittle, my lips and hands are chapped (all that hand washing I reckon, I’m always itchy and my skin is all wrinkly and parched overall.

To be fair, it could be a result of natural aging and the timing of the pandemic is just a coincidence. But lockdown has made it impossible to get beauty treatments or shop around for salves and ointments. My beauty budget is also very limited. I’ve experimented with things I could get at the Dollarama and am happy to share two products that seem to give my skin some relief.

One is the Nivea lip balm pictured up top. It’s got a soft formulation so I can also use it on my cuticles. Hang nails are down 100 percent! And I like its nice, vanilla scent. And pictured below is the Garnier Skin Active 3 in 1 Hydrating Mask. It’s got a bit of skin sloughing action so be sure to cleanse your face after you’ve let it sit but it doesn’t cause a burn-y or tight feeling. I feel like my skin has brightened noticeably after about a months of use.