Back In Time


When I was 19 one of my favourite outfits was a short sleeved yellow Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that I liberated from the High School Theatre Department wardrobe, a pair of green jeans that I got at Bargain Harolds, a Timex Cartier Tank Homage that I purchase at a yard sale and a pair of mustard yellow deck shoes that were hand-me-downs from my friend Nada.


Now, after years, I have reassembled this ensemble. This time with a vintage top from Mama Loves You that I embroidered a Mickey Mouse on to, green jeans that I bought online from Reitmans, a new pair of Sperry Topsiders from the Bay and a real Le Must de Cartier Watch. The jeans we the final piece in the puzzle.

Please note. I do not long to return to my youth. High school was a horrible time. And I had many more cringey looks than good ones back then. This pieces are just timeless