I am in a constant state of purging. It’s a complicated way to live because it raises many difficult questions like, “how did I accumulate so much stuff in the first place?” Our place is very dusty and digging through boxes in the back room is literally making me sick from allergies.

This week I came across a whole amber stash. I remembered that some of it was set aside to execute an earring concept. I recently came across the silver wife that I bought to make earrings with. And the weather has been very spring like, so I was clear to work outside. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my mallet or anvil with which to hammer the silver with, but I went ahead and started on the project regardless . I will finesse the finish once I find my tools, but I’ve been wearing the work in progress anyway.


I’ve been feeling low energy and achey (probably because of all the dust) and I figure the healing power of amber might help. I went through my amber collection to sort through what I should sell (because I have a lot), what I can harvest for future DIY ideas, and what I should keep. As you can see in this photo of me wearing the pieces I could not part with, I am not very good at purging. That’s easy it’s taken a year of pandemic to make even a small dent in the hoard.