Shopping the sidewalks for freebies is now officially a thing because the New York Times wrote about different Social Media accounts dedicated to curb alerts. As an old school freegan, I’m both excited by more people getting out of the spiral on constant consumerism and embracing the circle of life that is recycling. I’m also a little worried that the more people there is patrolling the sidewalks for treasure will mean slimmer pickings for me. But then I remember that my favourite kinds of trash may not be someone else’s treasure and there’s plenty put out there to share.

Here are some recent sidewalk finds. Up top is a kitschy old needlepoint that had been used as a cover for the backrest of an old chair. I brought it home, detached it from its previous back and set out to make it into (I will share the end result of that tomorrow).


I also found this oversized tin soldier statue. I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of holiday decoration, but I like it as a statue. A work of art.


For my last find, there’s this late Deco Royal Winton footed plate. I dig its yellow rose transfer artwork. I should just sell it, but I like the idea of using it as a prop for taking pictures of food for Instagram and Facebook.