Sometimes it’s hard to get an idea out of your imagination and into the real world. I have many unwritten books, unrecorded songs and unrealized artworks rattling around in my head. And then there’s the concepts that I’ve actually executed, but very badly. I’ve got boxes of these misfit objects that are so terrible that I can’t even throw them away, lest they somehow become sentient and terrorize the community.


One project that has had me stuck for months was making a lariat necklace made of crocheted flowers. It’s not a particularly original idea. In fact there are several free online tutorials on how to make said blooms. Bug for some reason I can’t get my head around crochet beyond making a simple chain stitch.

Then yesterday, when I was experiencing a little writer’s block I decided to have a think nap to unravel that particular problem. Instead, the secrets of crocheting flowers suddenly came to me. I spent the rest of the night executing this pretty necklace. Next up, a crocheted ring and maybe a flower crown so i can go full Midsommar.