Free To Be You And Me


It was an epic weekend for sidewalk scores. I picked up so many things that I will have to break them down by category. Today I will start with objets. I brought home these Kikkerland architectural egg cups (originally sold in a set of three) to use as bases for round objects like my turquoise chip filled resin egg. I also found an oversized glass marble on our free stuff safari. It’s a wee bit small but it works for now.


I also picked up this pretty, made in India wooden maze. It didn’t take long for us to master it, but it was quite meditative while we were playing with it.


Also on the art/toy tip, I could not resist this mega-sized and colourful Cubebot. I remember when these things came out in the early 2000s. I wanted one quite badly — especially the bear-shaped version — but could only afford a mini figurine. Look at me now!


Looks good with the rocks and perfume bottles. I also found a nice stone on our sojourn. Aand more, straight up toys, including these bendy Pokey and Gumby’s sister dolls. I collected these from the curb strictly for nostalgia reasons. I had Gumby and Pokey as a kid and played with them until their wire skeletons worked their way through their rubbery skins.


And finally, a tin Curious George kaleidoscope. Because kaleidoscopes are fun. I can’t keep all of these goodies of course. I will have to poll my friends and family with kids if they would like some cool toys. Or maybe I’ll return them to the sidewalk from whence they came.