School Supplies

While I was never an eager student, I still like to buy school supplies. I found myself at one of my favourite stationery shops, Midoco, on Saturday and stopped in to get ink for my Montblanc. Instead I walked out with ten new pens.

I bought a box of colourful pens and inks from an American, woman-owned brand called Ooly. They have a nice matte silicone exterior that makes them easy to grip. And the eight different hues make me happy and they only cost about $20 for the set so I couldn’t resist.

I also got suckered on by the good looks of this see-through Prefounte — a Japanese brand. I haven’t yet tried it out. It was also very affordable and is apparently a bit of a cult favourite because if it’s accessible price point.

Getting new pens led me to spending Sunday in a pen obsession. I revisited my other fountain pens, refilling the dry ones with fresh ink cartridges and then beginning a journal devoted to writing instruments. I even started writing mini reviews of my collection, starting with my Montblanc Meisterstuck and another newbie: this Faber-Castell student pen.

I don’t know who I think I’m writing these reviews for. Nor am I in anyway qualified to write pen reviews. All I know is I stayed up way too late writing these missives. If there is a silver lining to this inky nonsense is that I realized that two of the pens in my collection that are missing so I went into a bit of a cleaning frenzy trying to find them (was successful locating one).

I also got some cool Japanese small batch ink for the Montblanc from our local pen shop, Take Note