Pandemic Picks

I’m in a reflective mood today. Specifically I’ve been thinking about all the things I’ve acquired over the last 18 months and how things like Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis have reshaped the way I think about wants vs. needs.

So I’ve made a little mini list of my best pandemic buys. Let’s start with this Phillips Electric Toothbrush. When we were lining up for our first vaccine dose, we were stood in the oral care aisle and I spotted this attractive toothbrush. My dentist has been pushing me to use a fancy hydropik kind of brush but I just don’t have the counterspace for such an implement.

I kept thinking about this electric instrument and did a little research online. What sold me (other than its melon-hued, matte silicon surface) was the fact that it had a built-in timer to ensure that you spent the proper amount of time brushing.

I’ve been using it for five months and the results (at least according to my dental hygenist) are very good. So thanks toothbrush for keeping my teeth healthy!