Closet Of Cardigans

I have so many cardigans. I sold a few but I still have more than a body ought to. Especially since I’m a Never Cold and usually end up tying them around my waist or stuffing them in my tote when I get overheated.

On the plus side, a nice wooly cardy is more breathable than any puffer coat, so when it does get cold i prefer to layer on sweaters.

Here are some more of my passionate positions on cardigans:

  1. Yellow is the best cardigan colour.
  2. Vintage is better than new.
  3. Patterns are very welcome.
  4. Handknit is the most comforting
  5. If you have a cold, cardigans have magical healing powers.

Do all my cardigans meet these criteria? No. That’s why i have too many. My collection includes sweaters that are acrylic, lack pockets and are impractical because they don’t button up. I still love them.

There is no rhyme or reason to this obsession. I recently sold a vintage Mary Maxim curling sweater because it was red and red is not that flattering on me. But then I went out and purchased this vintage red striped acrylic lnit and its my new favpyrite.

I also sold a super cute Hudson’s Bay cardigan because it was too tight for my liking. Still I kept this equally snug, completely polyester sweater. Probably because I spent so many hours embroidering spider webs on it.