Captain and Chenille

I thought I would use the next month and a bit to amp up the creation of artists and businesses that I admire. I wish I had lots of money so that I could surround myself with their treasures but its always better to share the wealth.

I’m starting off by showing off the work of Brit Ellis from I have been following her work on Instagram for a few years. Her Moonphase medallion has been on my wishlist for a while but I’ve never been fast enough on the draw when she’s done a drop.

Brit has many talents beyond beadwork. In fact, as @shapeshifter, she inked my two most recent tattoos, Winifred and Robbert.

I fell in love with these blueberries when I saw the flash on the @shapeshifter instagram account. They were there with some strawberries which I also loved but the bloobs had stronger emotional meaning to me.

A confession: a dagger surrounded by two snakes was my grafitti tag when I was a youth. I even painted it on the back of my jean jacket, which probably was a bit of a giveway that i was the one tagging bathrooms of the bat i worked at. That I never got in trouble probably speaks volumes that I was not the badass that I thought I was.

The new patches are going on the jean jacket tomorrow.

And remember, be a badass—support small business!