Book Report

I love books but lately I’ve been a little blasé about buying them because I can’t find the focus to actually finish one. I promised myself I wouldn’t bring any more into the house until i finished reading the stack on my nightstand.

In the old days, I would have described myself as a voracious reader, devouring books in one sitting. And when I was travelling a lot, i had lots of downtime to read. Plus its an inexpensive pursuit—the city is teeming with Little Free Libraries and actual libraries.

But in the last two years I’ve only finished reading four books. If I read in bed, I fall asleep. If I read on the couch, I get distracted. The hammock and the bus used to be good place to read, but recreational transit is not a good idea in COVID times and ever since out neighbours retired, it’s hard to get the privacy one needs to get lost in a book.

I am currently in the process of creating a reading nook in an unused corner of our house. Last week, I BUNZ traded a lamp t haven’t had time to put it in place. But now I have a little motivation—I got two new books this weekend. “Mixtape Potluck” by Questlove and “Beloved Toys” by Nathalie Lété.

As for breaking my book ban, ”Mixtape Potluck” is a cookbook, and it will definitely come in handy as we look at another winter of staying inside and cooking our own meals. And I actually ordered ”Beloved Toys” as part of a kickstarter campaign. Plus, it’s illustrations so I only have to look at the pictures. And it came with a free scarf.