A Catalogue Of Thrifting

I must confess that I’ve made a few trips to the Value Village over the last two weeks. I say its to look for inventory for the Etsy shops, but I have bought a few treats for myself. And tonight, because I am tired, I present a photographic inventory of these purchases.

Two watches. A 1980s-era Casio (pictured with an owl patterned Virginia Johnson stole that I got at the same time) and a first gen 1985 Nicolette Swatch.

A Turi Finland Daisy Design mustard pot.

A Scandinavian style unsigned statement necklace.

A shibori-dyed and embroidered jacquard Moroccan Caftan.

An embroidered huipl.

A pair of black suede Commes des Garçons Hommes Plus Sneakers (a bit too big, but I’ll buy some insoles and wear thick socks).

This Hoibo dress (photo from Hoibo’s Pinterest—the weather has been too sucky to get a decent photo).

And finally two vintage patch stitched Union Jack flags that came with this careworn, sleepy eyed palace guard doll.

I apologize for not sharing more insight into these finds, but I’m lazy today.