Another Wishlist

My birthday is coming up. These are the things I would like to buy myself.

(Clockwise from top left) Maison Margiela Recyled Rubber Tabi Boots; Lululemon Team Canada Adaptable Coat; Roots Year Of The Tiger Socks; H&M Cotton Caftan.

I make these wish lists in order to save up fir things or to try and source them on the resale market. The problem is that I went a little lockdown stir crazy and bought some vintage watches off eBay, books for my great niece from Indigo (all Canadian mond-you), and some makeup. The watches arrived yesterday and I’ll post about them tomorrow. And I’m sure I’ll write about the rest when they arrive.

I did end up order the Crocs Bae Clogs from a previously published wish list as well. But generally I can’t afford to get things that I planned for because I keep making late night online purchases. Although I don’t think I will ever have the moolah for the Margiela tabis anyway.