The Fix Is In

Every year my spring cleaning ritual slows down because I get distracted by some unfinished project. Today while packing up some Etsy orders, I came across I peach-coloured lucite bypass bangle that I’ve had listed for years. It hasn’t sold because it is so so small. This afternoon I set out to sort out this situation.

I have tried to use heat to reshape the plastic before but I never got it big enough. Today I gave it a really long boil and then stretched it out over a can of non-alcoholic beer.

The hot water took a bit of the shine of the finish so I polished up the dull patches with some Polywatch — a substance I use to buff scuffed watch crystals.

And voilà! The finished product. It’s still on the small side but I can get it over my small wrists now. The biggest problem is that I want to keep it for myself now.