Changing Over

Tonight I finished bringing out my spring/summer clothes and putting my winter clothes into storage. I began the process last month because I needed to haul out my caftans for my trip to Saint Barth’s. Still it’s a time-consuming process. If you want your beloved clothes to have a long life, you need to pack up your clothes properly.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and clothes should be cleaned before storing to prevent weird smells and moths and other vermin that are attracted to things like pet hair and dander. I give everything a wash before I pack it up which was a two-day thing.

Speaking of prevention, don’t let your cat use your heavy-duty winter coat as a bed for a month before you put it away. Removing all the cat hair and drool took an hour. I used my handy dandy fabric brush to help loosed the lint but still needed a half-roll of packing tape to lift off all the offending fur.

When bringing out your summer clothes, try to inspect each piece for damage that you msy have missed when you put things away last fall. This dress had a detached strap. The best way to check out your clothing is to try every thing on with a little fashion show. This will take two hours. I encourage you to play around with eccentric clothing combinations. This is super fun!

I love rediscovering wardrobe favourites. Unfortunately, during the unpacking process you might discover clothing that it pretty worn out and things that no longer fit. This year there is only one dress that is on its last legs. I’m keeping it around because it linen and is a lifesaver on super hot summer days. I will Poshmark the oversized shorts and camisole tops. I sort of remember going on a spree last August when it was unbearably hot and the only garments left were sized 2x. Oversized shorts and camisole tops is never a good look.