Walking Wounded

I am in New York for professional development. Last night I hailed a cab to take me from a watch launch for Victorinox to my friend Gary’s apartment for a hang. Upon entering the taxi I dropped something and when I went to pick it up I tipped over and wrenched my ankle in the process.

Today was supposed to be my free day to visit galleries and the like but instead it will be spent resting and elevating my ankle so that I can get through my work-related events. I am already very bored.

In my delirium (I also haven’t eaten anything two tiny pieces of chocolate and a puff pastry since lunch yesterday) I decided that the way my clothes looked hanging up in my Pod hotel looked cool, so I staged a mini photoshoot of some of my travel togs.

Because I am a never cold, I packed a bunch of lightweight cottons and linens (fabric has got to breathe.

Strategically the lightweight wardrobe did work once the sun went down. It turns out that I am a sometimes cold. Before my fall And on my way to the event, I stopped in at Old Navy where I found this overcoat in the clearance section. I like it’s greeniness.