Dollarama Versace

I keep dreaming of creating a Tik Tok persona called Dollarama Versace whose fashions are completely informed by things from bargain stores. Of course Halloween is the perfect time to invest in glam accessories. But given the current economic and environmental situation, I’ve been holding back this year.

A. I already have two tickle trunks full of wigs, costumes, and other accessories. The planet doesn’t need to produce more cheap plastic stuff, I should use the crap I already have.
B. Things that used to cost a dollar are now priced at $5. And since most of my monthly budget is now consumed by groceries and medicine, I can’t justify buying another tutu or pet costume to put on Ossington Bear.

Still, I bought this bunny mask because it was giving me strong Helmut Newton vibes. And I can wear it at Easter and I can hang it in the wall as decoration. It’s a year-round investment, really.

I also bought a three-pack of plastic beads because I needed something to hang my recently thrifted plastic cameo pendant on. Previously, I tried it out on a ribbon but it just didn’t feel right. I think this has the right combination of colour (the peach tones of the pendant soften the orange), and scale (the size of the beads balances the cameo and echoes the scalloping around the base).