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When BUNZ turned into a wannabe crypto currency platform instead of a place where you could trade things you wanted for things you didn’t want it became a lot less fun. It also became frustrating because BUNZ be flaky and the people you were trading with would not show up for trades or would ghost you after making plans to set up a swap.

The app was recently reorganized so I decided to give it another shot. The first two listings I attempted to trade for never messaged me back (I will cut them some slack because the new version doesn’t have push notifications so unless you are checking at least once a day, you might not know if someone is interested). The third deal, for a bunch of jewelry, was a success. I mostly wanted the lot for the Mexican silver and tiger eye ring (pictured above) but there was also a lovely mid century modern choker and a cute Alpaca inlay brooch. The trader also threw in a barely used Glossier blush. All for the delightful price of Free (she was moving and just wanted to get rid of things).